Rapa Nui – Relaxing

  One thing that makes this island so special is the layed back and relaxed vibe everything has. A lot of time was spent idling at the coast, looking into the distance. Enjoying the view, taking pictures of sun rises, sun sets and the moon. Driving around the island. Visiting and revisiting the sights I … Continue reading

Rapa Nui – Hiking

  Rapa Nui may be a small island, but it consists of a good dozen individual (now extinct) volcanoes. Plenty of ‘mountains’ to climb onto then. The most spectacular is easily Rano Kao, the volcano right next to the only town on the island. It has a huge crater of almost 2km of diameter and … Continue reading

Rapa Nui – Easter island

The Easter islands, creatively named like this as they were “discovered” on Easter were not uninhabited. Therefore they had a name before being named and this name is today regaining popularity. After almost being wiped out due to several reasons, among them their own megalomania and slave ships. It is believed that the original inhabitants … Continue reading


I did an organized trip from Santiago, which was probably a mistake. The tour advertised walks around the most famous parts of town, plus driving to around the upper parts and visiting several viewpoints. But, since we had to wait around for a few people to show up then search for a toilet and have … Continue reading

Santiago de Chile

I came to Santiago not expecting much. People that had been to Santiago and Buenos Aires told me that Santiago couldn’t compete with the liveliness and offers that Buenos Aires had .. and I had already not liked Buenos Aires much.. It might’ve been the temperature, a nice 15 degrees rather than 36. It might … Continue reading


Before talking about Mendoza, let me just mention that the drive from Santiago to Mendoza is absolutely breathtaking. It also happens to feature the highest mountain of South (and North) America the Aconcagua with its broad wide shoulders. It should also be visible from Santiago, but due to smog, clouds and dust it rarely is. … Continue reading

Volcano Villarrica – Rucapillan

The main attraction in Pucon is the volcano. Villarrica for the lazy, Rucapillan for the most ambitious.. The latter being the local name for the former. The ascension is advertised as “easy” and accessible to all, but it also states that you may not use your own equipment and from the backpack to the crampons … Continue reading