Isla del sol – Copacabana

I hesitated a long ime whether or not to go to Lake Titicaca simply because I didn’t think a lake could be that special. In the end, I had a few days to kill in La Paz and curiosity overcame me. A guide book promised me a smooth ride on a perfectly tarred road with … Continue reading

La Paz 2.0

After hopping through Bolivia’s central national parks I returned to La Paz to plan my next moves. It felt a bit like home.. The moment I got there all my plans to leave again kinda failed because they included an early rise. However, I did enjoy La Paz, as usual. Out of the four days … Continue reading

Amboro national park

The Amboro national park is right around the corner from Samaipata and there is a bunch of agencies offering tours. Not necessarily the one I wanted though. I had been looking around and the Amboro national park consists of three separate zones, a high arrid area, an intermediate cloud forest and a very low rain … Continue reading

Samaipata – El Fuerte

The cross from Cochabamba to Samaipata is a bit adventurous. I didn’t know about the 7am direct bus and I managed to miss the bus at 11am to Mairana, some 15km from Samaipata.I couldn’t find any trufi going that far, so I ended up taking the 5pm bus. Now the bus ride from Cochabamba to … Continue reading

Torotoro – El Vergel

The next day we arrived early at the guide office as we had been warned the previous evening that while the office would definitely be open, they couldn’t guarantee that enough or even any of the guides would show up. The advantage of being self employed is deciding when you work, I guess. Luckily for … Continue reading

Torotoro – Ciudad de Itas and Umajalanta

From Rurre I flew (almost) straight to Cochabamba to go to the Torotoro national park. A short two hour stop in La Paz told me that I’d already lost all acclimatizing that I may have built up during the weeks I spent there prior. A pity, as I was left constantly grasping for more air. … Continue reading

Rurre – jungle tour

  After having enjoyed the pampas so much, we decided to add a two day jungle trip on. The delicious food we’d been served at the lodge totally did not influence our decision, but we wanted more of it. The itinerary was quite packed, after setting off at 8:30 in the morning, we first visited … Continue reading