Manuel Antonio

150km of road separate the national park Monteverde from the national park Manuel Antonio. We left in the late morning, after the zip-lining, assuming to reach Manuel Antonio in the early afternoon after several stops on the way. Things ended up going differently. The first part slowed us down as it turned out to not … Continue reading


From Arenal we drove to Monteverde, once more surrounding lake Arenal.Once more leaving a reasonably sunny place to arrive at our destination in pour down rain. The little village of Santa Elena, next to Monteverde has a lot of charm and plenty of food and sleeping options. It also offers all kinds of adventure activities. … Continue reading

Arenal region

  Our weather forecast had predicted semi-decent weather for the Arenal area the coming days, so we decided to give the area a second chance. After all, we hadn’t seen the Arenal volcano yet.. and it turns out we wouldn’t see it either. The volcano remained covered in clouds throughout our entire day. But we … Continue reading

Rio Celeste

On our treasure hunt for the sun, we also rescheduled the hike to Rio Celeste. After having had a lot of success with our sun-chasing in Rincon de la Vieja, we were still semi-lucky in Rio Celeste. We picked up a friend we got to know in Honduras and the four of us went off … Continue reading

Rincon de la vieja

On the road from Arenal to Rincon de la Vieja you lounge lake Arenal, the biggest lake in Costa Rica for almost an hour and, when the clouds allow it, you can admire the view of the lake with its small islands and hilly mountains in the background. Once you leave the lake, the vegetation … Continue reading

Catarata del Toro

After settling in a bit in Costa Rica we decided to do something we hadn’t done before on our trip: Rent a car. This should allow us to see many more things and do simple spontaneous stops along the way. The first of these stops was the Catarata del Toro, the highest waterfall in Costa … Continue reading

Rafting – Rio Pacuare

Since we enjoyed the rafting in Honduras so much, we were looking into rafting again in Costa Rica.. We knew it would be a lot more expensive (it was more than twice as expensive), but I must say they also had a lot more security gear and personnel on the trip. It was also a … Continue reading