Volcano boarding – cerro negro

The main activity in Leon, as everyone will tell you is volcano boarding. The cerro negro is a — surprise, surprise — black volcano consisting entirely of black pebbles and sand. It also is quite steep making it possible to ride it down with a type of sledge. While this is a very hyped activity … Continue reading


We arrived in Leon after a short ride from Esteli, due to some organizational reasons this ride happened between midnight and 2am, so we fell into bed and didn’t wake until almost noon the next day. The first day was spent walking around and discovering where to get a good coffee. This discovery was cut … Continue reading


Our very first stop in Nicaragua was a tiny town called Esteli. It is directly on the highway from Honduras to Leon, so we didn’t even need to take a detour. This was one of the main reasons we decided to stay in Esteli. Our true destination was the Somoto canyon, which was just 50km … Continue reading


After Utila we had one more stop in Honduras, the D&D brewery. Hyped by the lonely planet and the internet, as the best beer and scenery in Honduras, we just had to stop by and inspect this. We found an absolutely lovely brewery, with great scenery and an amazing host. A mix of locals, tourists … Continue reading


Finally we made it from La Ceiba to Utila, a not so small island off the Honduran coast, known for its cheap diving classes and parties.. While we had no trouble finding the cheap (and really good) diving opportunities, we did have trouble finding the party with every bar seemingly closing at 11pm. Maybe it … Continue reading

Cayos Cochinos

Another day trip from La Ceiba are the islets of Cayos cochinos, which can be visited in a quite expensive tour, that includes snorkeling, visit of the islands and the traditional fisher villages on one of the islands. Unfortunately the water was quit rough that day, so that the visibility in the water was somewhat … Continue reading

Pico Bonito

From Copan we took a bus to La Ceiba, a town that’s generally known as “gateway to Utila”. It is also a gateway to the Pico Bonito national park. A small jungly park with a large river running through It can easily be visited in a day, but we wanted to take our time and … Continue reading