Originally we’d wanted to stop in Potosi but the height and the somewhat desolate picture of the city made us change our mind. After four days of isolation, we weren’t ready to face this. So we decided to move on directly to Sucre. Sucre is a lovely little city. A place to just waste away … Continue reading

Salt flat tour – Day 3 – Laguna negra

Our driver gave us an option at the end of day 2: Stay up high and do the original tour. This would mean sleeping and freezing at 4300m, then passing an almost uncleared stretch, where we’d surely have to push the car to look at a few more frozen lagunas OR go down, sleep at … Continue reading

Salt flats tour -Day 1- Southern Lipez

The next day, shortly after dawn we set off to enjoy the sights of southern Lipez. This is the main reason why you’d want to start the tour to the salt flats in Tupiza rather than Uyuni. This is only seen if you start or end in Tupiza and it’s sublime. The huge open altiplanos, … Continue reading


After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the border to Chile, we decided to go to Bolivia instead. The bus was headed to the border, where we needed to get off. Cross by foot and catch another bus to Tupiza on the other side. We arrived at Tupiza very early in the morning and were completely … Continue reading

Salta Cachi Cafayate Salta

The southern loop is Salta – Cachi – Cafayate – Salta. We thought we would be able to do the 300km from Salta to Cafayate through Cachi in a day.. We didn’t count on the absolutely amazing country side there, that forced us to stop so often. We also didn’t expect to be detoured through … Continue reading