Croatia is a land of greatness. The sea and lakes seem bluer, the vegetation greener, the people friendlier, the mountains rockier and scarcer than elsewhere.
However, Croatia is also still a poor country emerging from a war that ended barely 20 years ago and you will see the occasional reminder in form of bullet riddled houses and burned down tanks along the way when you travel through the countryside.

Croatian people, though, look ahead and don’t ponder on the past. So should you, if you want to enjoy your trip. People have been very welcoming and helpful to us and many actually speak good English in touristy regions. Even when we were unable to communicate directly with a person, due to our lack of Croatian, we always managed to get the message across somehow and ended up in the places we wanted to be.

Our trip took us from our initial starting point in Trieste, Italy to Plitvice National Park on to Zadar and Sibenik, where we also visited Krka National Park and Kornati Islands. From there we passed through Trogir and Solin on our way to Split. Sadly we did not make it all the way to the south and were unable to visit Dubrovnik, which has been recommended to us by many fellow travellers.

All in all it was an amazing trip and the one thing we knew with certainty after our first day in Croatia was: We will be back !


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