Krka – The place that can’t be pronounced

Krka is another of  Croatia’s beautiful National Parks. It is a little further south and very similar, yet very different to the Plitvice National Park from my last post.

The lakes may only be almost as blue, the bridges less pretty, but the trees seemed greener and the waterfalls more imposing. If I had to pick a favourite, I would be hard pressed to decide between Plitvice and Krka (which is pronounced Kerr-ka by the way).

Just like in Plitvice, Croatian authorities have been thorough and have declared the entire section of the river upwards from the waterfalls part of the National Park to avoid pollution. In Krka, this means that the National Park includes about 50km of the length of the river.

There is the possibility to travel up the river with a small boat (in exchange for an adequate amount of money) and visit a very isolated monastery situated on a little island in the middle of the river and further up another set of lovely waterfalls.

Krka has one additional component, that Plitvice doesn’t have: Remote villages with beautiful mills and a monastery have been constructed within the National Park and make for very idyllic spots.


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