Plitvice – Turquoise Lakes and lucious waterfalls

The first half of our trip through Croatia centered on the many beautiful National Parks Croatia has to offer, many of them have been named UNESCO World heritage (for very good reasons).

Our very first stop was at Plitvice National Park, also known as Winnetou-Land. This is the area where most of the Winnetou movies where shot and as my sister so eloquently put it: We were brushing mist from our eyes, where Winnetou had to do the same not too long ago.  His glory is ours too, now!

However, Plitvice definitely does not need Winnetou or anybody to make it worth a visit. Most of the area is covered in cute little bridges which will allow you to walk over, under and besides lakes and waterfalls and give you access to the are from almost all angles. The added benefit is that the thousands over tourists each year do not impact the vegetation and countryside.

The place itself is of incredible beauty which words almost can’t describe.  So I’ll let pictures speak:


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