Due to the fact that my blog was created only after my trip to Croatia ended, I’m a little late on posting about that specific trip.

It all started with a visit to my sister, who currently lives in Trieste. She’d invited me to visit her and we then decided to travel on to Croatia from there.

When I first arrived, my sister was bustling with ideas on what to do. Most of those ideas included leaving Trieste to visit the surrounding countryside, for a good reason: Trieste is not that beautiful a city. However the surrounding countryside is and many a famous European has stayed in Trieste for a while.
We’ve followed the foot steps of Napoleon and Rilke while being there and I must say, they knew how to pick a nice spot..

me in the rain

While not all trips were successful, some in fact were pretty unsuccessful, we still tried to make the most out of it and ignore all rain, that may (or not) have happened.

Miramare, entrance gate

This particular picture was taken on our way to Miramare, which eventually turned out to be quite nice, once the rain stopped, as can be seen on the right.
Other trips, like our attempt to walk the Napoleon paths were dramaticallly cut short by rabid rains and general cold and bad weather. We did eventually do the Napoleon paths a week later when we returned from Croatia and it offers lovely views of Miramare and the Sea.

The other trip we did from Trieste, was the Rilke Path, a little further outside and a little more remote. It offers a great view onto the sea!











Gran Canal, Trieste

Don’t get me wrong, Trieste is a nice spot, with awesome ice cream and great Pizza. It also has a lot of charm, especially at night but during they day it is mostly loud and grey.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed my stay there and the trips we made to the surroundings. (And of course the trip to Croatia, , it entailed)

Trieste by night

Piazza Unità d'Italia, trieste


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