On our way from one national park to another we passed through several cities. Some we really enjoyed,  some were somewhat disappointing.

We made our very first “city stop” in Zadar, supposedly “the next big tourist attraction” in Croatia. However we  did not share that impression. It has some nice spots and some unusual attractions, but over all it is not a place one must have seen.

The Sea Organ and Sun Salutation

By far the most exotic sight in Zadar is the sea organ by Nikola Bašić, created in 2005.  The sea organ is played by the sea. The waves hitting the shore repeatedly, push the air through the pipes and thereby create the music.

Sun Salutation

The music has an interesting sound, sadly the organ itself really isn’t much to look at. Although it makes for an ideal entry point for swimming, which is widely used by the locals.

Just opposite to the sea organ, is what is called the sun salutation, another work by Bašić. This circle is made of photo receptors and powers the front on the seaside according to its maker. All in all, it was impressively unimpressive.

Zadar’s old town

Zadar’s old town is also interesting, to say the least. By far the most prominent building is the cathedral in the center of town. In good Christian tradition, building the cathedral included tearing down much of the buildings that had been constructed by people worshipping other gods. Therefore you will find that the fundaments of each pillar within the  church is made up of  lying Roman columns. Just looking at some of them made me wonder when this would all come crashing down.

As can be seen in the picture, the cathedral was built onto what used to be the forum, center of city life, in the Roman city and the ground row of it’s walls is entirely made up of Roman pillars and columns.


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