Kornati Islands

On our first day in Sibenik, we actually left at 8am, to go elsewhere. Namely to do a trip to and through the Kornati islands. We drove up to Murter to board a lovely old boat (or at least a boat that pretended to be lovely and oldish).

Starting in Murter, a little town a couple of kilometers away from Sibenik, we boarded our lovely ship and claimed two seats in the shadow of the lower deck. Just to leave them soon after and explore the upper deck. Luckily, it wasn’t all that sunny, so that we did not get the sunburn of our lives.

We had to sail 2 hours to first reach the Kornati islands and needed to pass through them to see their more spectacular side, namely the cliffs that are facing the open sea, which were indeed quite imposing and numerous. The islands themselves, are also very unique. Once covered with dense woods, they were completely cleared of trees by local farmers. Their attempt to grow olives on those islands ultimately failed, leaving nowadays a mixture of grass and rocks crossed by thousands and thousands of walls and an occasional surviving tree. It has it’s very own charm.

The boat made a stop for lunch and later own allowed us to swim in one of the few bays on the Kornati islands that have something actually very close to sand. Mostly we did encounter sharp pointy rocks, though.

I’m still unsure whether I liked or disliked the Kornati islands. One thing is for sure though, they’re very unique. Just for the record, this is how the islands would look, if men hadn’t interfered: See the difference?


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