Sibenik was an interesting experience. We stayed there mostly because  of its proximity to the National Parks we wanted to visit.

Our initial plan said to spend half a day in Sibenik and a day and a half in Krka National Park. However we were so under-awed that we arrived at Sibenik in the early afternoon instead of late at night. We decided to visit the tourist office to see what else we could do.

We met a very enterprising and nice young lady, which took care of us for the next hour and a half and let us walk out of the tourist office, with a nice apartment to ourselves, instead of a hostel room (which turned out to be less expensive), a booked tour to the Kornati Islands,  Private transport to the starting point of said tour and lots of information on Krka, Kornati and Sibenik itself. We were baffled in a very positive way.

Once we had settled into our lovely apartment, we sat out to explore the town itself. As it is, this town also has buildings that have been declared UNESCO world heritage, namely its cathedral.

One of the particularities of the cathedral, besides the Romanesque ground structure, with the baroque top (that’s straight from my travel guide), is that it features the 71 people that sponsored the building of the church. They have all been immortalized on the cathedral, as can be seen above. On closer inspection, the portrays aren’t always that flattering though.

After walking through the incredibly nice old town of Sibenik, we made our way up to the fort, built on a hill just above the city, which allowed for some gorgeous views over the Krka delta and the city of Sibenik and which was definitely a high of our visit to Sibenik:

Where we watched the sun set (almost, because the fort closed at 8pm) and spent a good time enjoying the view of Sibenik too. The evening was then completed by a lovely meal cooked in our very own kitchen, complemented by a nice Croatian wine.


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