When everything goes wrong – but all works out

So, I did it. I somehow managed to get to Peru AND survived the first night here too.

This didn’t seem so obvious just 36h ago. As you may know, I took an easyjet flight to Madrid the night before my flight to Lima would take off. The night was comparably comfortable and enjoyable. The airport did NOT announce baggage safety tips every 5minutes, nor did it announce boarding or last calls for flights. I did get some sleep.

The horror started the next morning, when I got woken by a panicky, nice young men who thought I might be oversleeping my boarding. I wasn’t. However upon trying to board my booked and paid for flight, I learned that, evne though I am spending only 3h in Atlanta Airport, I needed an ESTA immigration form from the US. The only way to get this is to fill out the electronic form on the internet and pay for it with a credit card. I had neither internet nor credit card. First drama in the making.

Luckily I have an awesome mum, that, even when called at 7am was so gracious to fill out the ESTA form for me and pay for it as well from home. (You ROCK!)

Once this first crisis was averted, I made it back to check in. By now it was late and I was one of the last persons to check in. Annoyingly the flight was overbooked and the intendant wasn’t sure she still had a place for me on the plane.  She tried for 30 minutes to book me onto an alternate direct flight to Lima, without success. They had overbooked too.

When I finally sat in the plane, I was sooo relieved, I couldn’t believe it. That’s when the worries about my luggage not being forwarded, me missing my connect flight, me crashing with the plane, me not being picked up at the airport and what not set in. Luckily none of these happened. The planes connected fine, I arrived with some delay in Lima, but with baggage and all healthy. Even the taxi driver was already there to drive me to the hostel I had booked.

Somewhat relieved I made quick plans for the next day and fell asleep after only 36h of travel at 1am.
I was woken only six hours later by my brother (Love ya!! … Sometimes)  requesting to know why I hadn’t yet updated my blog. Well I’m doing it now…

The morning was another session of plans and how not to follow them. The american express location I wanted to change money no longer exists. The stand I wanted to buy my train tickets no longer does this. Luckily I speak Spanish and everyone is very helpful, so I figured out how to get ot a different bank and where to get the train ticket. I even got a taxi to get me to the train tomorrow.

So yeah, nothing goes as planned, but everything is going fine. Stay tuned to find out when my initial plans are completely blown off and I decide to do something completely different.

Lima itself is nothing to write home about, at least not in the winter. From what locals told me the weather we have now is the weather they have all through winter: Covered sky, general dampness and light rain all the time and all in all everything is very gray.

The city itself has the same anonymous touch most metropoles have in bad weather. Lotsa houses looking one alike the other, even more cars, buses and people. Everything is a little gray and dull. I’ll skip the pictures for now.

Tomorrow I’ll move on to the Andes and hopefully better weather. I’ll dedicate more time to Lima when I’ll come back at the end of my trip and will tell you all about it then.



  1. See, that wasn’t so bad!
    And now that you know what’s expected I’m sure you’ll be able to update on time. 😉

    Glad to hear everything worked out after all!
    Tell the Andes I said hi.

    Uh, I have just been informed that the new Futurama episodes aired last night.
    I have to go. NOW!

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