Ayacucho – city of uncountable churches

Ayacucho claims to have  a church for every year in Jesus life, in fact there are several more. That´s how the town is introduced in my travel guide and in fact there is an aboundance of churches in town.

However since I only stayed there one and a half days, I got no chance to visit them as they were already closed when I arrived in the afternoon and the next day was a holiday, so that the churches couldn´t be visited either. I did take loads of pictures of their outsides though.

The second day,  since the churches were closed and I had already done a tour of the town I went out and visited the nearby Wari ruins and the little town of Quinua. This was rather straight forward, as local transport drives past the ruins in order to get to Quinua.

Quinua is a very touristic, but also rather charming town. It´s the place in which the indepedence of Peru was signed, as I learned when I was there. It had been recommended to me for the nice overview over the valley you get from the battle field where said indipendence was fought out.  A huge obelisk now comemorates this occasion.

The advised view also was really nice and  could be readily enjoyed thanks to the good weather at the time.

On my way back I asked to be left of at the ruins. The Wari ruins resembled a lot the other ruins I´ve seen so far, meaning that with a lot of imagination, you could believe that there had been buildings once. However most of it is overgrown with cactusses nowadays. Nevertheless the rests that were left, were interesting to look at and, a rather rare sight, illustrated as well.

The way back then proved rather more complicated than expected, as all busses and taxis were bursting. A taxi by definition is only full with 10 people in it: The driver, 2 on the front seat, 4 in the rear and 3 in the trunk. I managed to catch a taxi in the end and got home safely, with a break shortly before town, when we had a flat tyre.

We all got home safely and I set out on my insane 22h trip to Cusco the next morning. Check it out, the distance is roughly 550km. You can do the math as to what our average speed was…


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