This is a little personal rant. While I do appreciate that the Inka´s left us with an insane amount of very beautiful ruins, I do however lament that noone dropped by and helped them invent the wheel, it would´ve made visiting their left overs so much easier.

It seems as if they took a pleasure in plastering every incline with stairs on their Inka trails and only leave ruins at the top of mountains to be able to see tourists suffer on their visits some 500 years laters. I do however have the highest respect for the Inka runners, that had to run from Puno to Cusco just to bring the upper class fresh fish from the sea. ( and of course all the guides, porters, and locals today that do these inclines daily to get to their workplace)

It also seems that Peruvians still have a lot of Inka blood in them and will call anything short of a vertical drop an ¨gradual incline¨. So if someone tells you that the path “doesn´t climb much” you will most certainly end up in the highest spot for 50km all around. Although I guess I should’ve gotten suspicious when he said “it doesn’t climb much, the first half is  a gradual incline and the second half are stairs.” …


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