Huaraz is known as the hiker´s paradise and came highly recommended by just about any (French, they are all French) tourist I met on my way so I decided to change my plans and drive up north.

This is easier said than done, the decision came with a 40h bus ride from Cabanconde to Huaraz, by the end of which I was barely able to stand on my feet much less think straight due to sleep deprivation. Arriving in Huaraz I immediately booked myself on a one day trip to a laguna, which I probably wouldn´t have done if I had still been thinking.

The next morning at 6 am we set out to conquer Laguna 69. This lucious name does not come with a juicy story attached but with a rather boring register of all lakes in which it holds position 69. Already on our way up to the starting point we passed some amazing lakes and scenery, which was going to be topped off by the sight of the laguna69 itself shimmering in an unreal combination of all shades of tourquoise if the sun hit it and in shades of dark blue when the clouds took over. It was a strenious but very rewarding walk!

I did take a day off after that, though, cause I realized that I just ran out of energy from the bus rides. On that day I visited Huaraz, which really has very little to nothing to show for itself, but still maintains an active and energetic atmosphere.

On my last day I set out to conquer Laguna Shurup, another of those insanely high and hidden lagunas in the Cordilleras, due to us being lazy and a rather long breakfast we only started out at 11, the short walk of 2h uphill (and 800m of elevation) was rewarded with yet another beautiful view of a lake and very beautiful scenery.. (Yes I know I repeat myself, but see for yourself..)

I sadly won´t have the time to do a multi day trek here, but once I get back, I´ll definitely get to it.

The scenery is incredibly beautiful, sadly I wasn´t all that lucky weatherwise, so that we did get the occasional rain and a lot of clouds.. Just imagine how this would look if the sun were shining!!!


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