Trujillo is the first city on the coast of Peru I´ve visited and has mostly pre-inca sights to show for itself. Most of these sights are adobe cities, which need a certain amount (read “a lot”) of imagination to restore them to their former glory or to actually even distinguish them from a random hill in the countryside. The excavations going on ontop or inside of them are usually a good indication as can be seen on the side. (This is el Brujo or rather used to be)

Inside however some layers have been uncovered which still show the original artwork and coloring of the pyramids and they found the tomb of a female leader , which is about 1500 years old. It shows just how far ahead of us they actually were. 😉

Trujillo was home to two different populations the Chimú and the Moche. The Chimú lived there roughly a thousand years ago, while the Moche lived there almost 2000 years ago. The adobe city of chan chan, of which not much is left but which impresses by its sheer size was a Chimú site, while the Huaca de la luna y del sol is a chimu site. The site of El Brujo, where the Lady of Cao, the ancient female leader was found, is also a Moche site.

In Chan Chan none of the original colors are left, however some of the art work un the walls still remains and can be visited. The site itself consists of  9 separate cities or palaces. Basically each time an emepreror died, they left the city they were living in and moved to a new one.

The decorations consist of different animals which played an important role in their daily life, or which were representing different gods.

The Moche sites of Huaca del Sol y de la Luna can give you some idea of the coloration these people were using. As well as an idea of how their god looked like. The picture shows Ai Apaec, also named the decapitator. He is the creator god and anything he has, is highly symbolic. The two pair of ears form an 8, sign of infity, the number of hair he has is 12, half the hours in a day. The mouth is filled with feline-like teeth, etc, etc… They also had other lovely gods like the spider-man or the pulpo-man which I´m not showing here. 😉


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