Somehow I wasn’t thinking when I planned my stay in Lima. Even though I did stay there for 4 days, I did not get to visit many museums or do a lot of things. This was mostly due to the fact that the first two days were the inauguration of the president and the national holiday, while the last two days were a week-end. Some of the sights in Lima weren’t open at all in those 4 days. I did however manage to visit some museums and the city center and I had a look at the parades for the inauguration and the national day the next day.

One item that highly amused me, was the statue in Plaza San Martin. The statue commemorates a general and features, below the general himself, a lady, holding up a shield with his name and a lovely little lama on her head. The story goes that the people that ordered the statue asked for the lady to have a halo of flames. The Spanish word for flame being llama (same as lama), the native peruvian artist misunderstood the assignment and seated a lovely little lama on top of her head. I think it has a lot of charm!
I also visited the unforgetable Museo Larco. It is a big and well-known museum, but what made it famous is a hall on ancient erotic pottery. Indeed, it seems, that the Moche were very focussed on, uhm, fertility and represented a lot of fertility-related activities. Most of these pots are quite funny and usually very explicit and anatomically correct.. However the pots on the effects of sexual diseases definitely were TMI for me. :p

The Museo Larco also allows for visitors to wander into their storage room, which really impressed me. It’s a big room filled up to the very top with ancient pots and ceramics.


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