Banzai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! err… I meant Bonsai

So I really went ahead and did it. My ever charming brother told me that due to this incident I’ve insta-aged 25 years and may now consider myself as exhibiting symptoms of early-retirment. (This being said, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the idea to go from university into retirement directly)
So, I went to a Bonsai-exhibition and it actually was fun. I’ve been spending some time discussing Bonsais with my mum and recently even went so far to take a look at her books about Bonsai-cutting. It is an art in itself (and creating insane amounts of money).
Bonsais really are beautiful, they are miniature-trees (and I love trees) trimmed and tailored to the artists taste. Many of the traditional bonsais will have lots of polished dead wood around the trunk, the ideal being a completely dead, white trunk with a small dark brown line of living wood growing along it.There is a lot of drama in those trees usually. This obviously can’t be done with any type of tree, but the ones which offer themselves for this, are truely beautiful.
Another impressive feature of the exhibition was the “live trimming” of, let’s say, defigured or to-become bonsai trees. Four different groups decided to trim and present the wrecks they were brought. Watching them work (although I didn’t last through an entire session.. It’s really not anything like a high speed chase or anything.) was impressive and the trees usually were unrecognizable and beautiful when they finished. When we asked, the presenter told us that those bonsais had just risen 5000-10000 Euros in value because they’d been trimmed by these known artists. At that rate, I might consider becoming a bonsai artist too. 😉


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