Here we go again Namibia

In continuation to the insane amount of holidays I’ve been doing this year I am now exploring Namibia with my parents.
Upon our arrival we rented a car and drove into Windhoek, our first stop. Windhoek is a “small town” by most standards, even though it is Namibias biggest city. It houses roughly 350.000 people.
I must say I was surprised to see how prosperous the city seemed, a lot of new cars on the roads; clean, tarred streets almost everywhere and a lot of newer architecture and art on display throughout the city. Windhoek may not be eye-candy, but I definitely was pleasantly surprised.
It also has a very cute train station with something that almost looks like a toy train assuring public transport. Back in the day when the train was introduced to Namibia (and the colonial forces where still at power), every train had to be shipped from Europe and therefore they opted for the smallest, lightest train available. The results of which you can see in the pictures.
Sadly, it seems, that even if the country is considered on of the safest in the region you still need very high, electric fences to keep your house safe and broken glass on the walls and roofs. This somewhat puts the idyllic first impression into perspective. Even though the country seems to be moving forward in a quick, democratic, peaceful and just way there still are dangers and tensions coming from the past.


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