Our first stop outside of Windhoek and in “real Namibia”: Lots and lots of countryside with very few vegetation. This, however, makes the animals so much easier to spot. On our first evening we went for a short stroll and discovered plenty of Oryxes, Antillopes and maybe an austrich.
All excited we got back to our hotel and discovered that they had adopted a couple of young wild animals, which were now roaming the lodge area looking for someone to spare with: A warhog, a young antillope and a very teeny itsy bitsy zebra, which was very much not trying to fight anyone but stay unnoticed.
They, of course, got all the attention that evening and only left after dinner was done (and the kitchen staff made a very impromptu and uncoordinated appearance as a choir, which was very awesome).
And when we thought we’d been spoiled by seeing all those animals, we went on a game drive and saw a TON of animals (All of them ran away before I could get decent pictures of course, so I’m adding the only half decent one I got, because the zebras couldn’t be bothered to ru.. I wish I had a camera with a better zoom!) in an incredible landscape. It was insanely awesome!


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