After seeing the savanne and the animals, the next thing on the list were the desert and the dunes. We drove to the Namib desert and visited the Naukluft-Namib national Park.
First it must be said, that Namibia has received an incredible, insane amount of rain this year. There’s been more rain in Namibia than in Germany and it has rained about 500 times more than usual in certain areas, including the Namib. Instead of seeing the desert as a sole conglomeration of sand, it currently is composed of huge stretches of golden-green grass which goes impressively well with the red sand of the dunes and the blue sky above them and some actual flowers.
We first visited “Dead Vlei”, a dried out lake in the middle of the dunes featuring a very white surface and lots of black dead trees. Very surreal. And beautiful! Following, what we thought would be the path up to the crate of the dune (pictured in the image down on the right), we inadvertently became the attraction for most tourist on the dune at the time. Let me put it this way: I now know, why the travel guide recommended against attacking a dune head on and recommended to walk up along the crate. The last 30 meters I crawled on all fours, slipping down as much as I was moving up. I just wish, I’d gotten up in time to ask all those people taking pictures to share them with me.
Once we’d made it back down safely, we continued on to gaze upon the beauty of the Sossusvlei itself and attacked the dune next to it “correctly”. Amazing how easy it can be to climb up a dune. The view from there was simply stunning and allowed us to oversee all the dunes and the bordering mountains.


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