The Alps: Most awesome mountains next door

As many probably already know I went hiking in the alps last week. According to our plans we did go to the French alps, contrary to our plans we did not go for the tours des 7 lacs, which I have been mooning over for ages now. This was due to to time constraints and defavourable weather as they were announcing thunderstorms towards the end of the week.  Instead we did a two day excursion around the Lac Blanc, a very known and touristy sea, from which you have a great view onto the Mt Blanc massif and the adjoint peaks.
Even though this is a very popular destination the many different paths leading towards the lake allow you to leave the “well-trodden” path and hike by yourself most of the time.
We started our hike in Argentiere, a small town at the bottom of the valley, from which we walked up to the col des montets, which sports a small cutsie geyser and on to the lake in one long uphill path. The view showed mesmerizing and dazzling peaks, but also the bleak reality of greatly reduced or entirely vanished glaciers. On our way to the top we also passed several more lakes, one of which we declared our swimming pool. (The water was surprsingly warm and we all survived without major harm)
On the next day, we hiked on towards Chamonix, our final destination. On the way there we decided to take a small detour towards the lacs noirs, which we completely missed because I was the one reading the map. We did however find a different lake, which was much more beautiful than the lacs noirs could have been anyways.