The olive trail

Namibia is a huge country, this usually means there’s a lot of distance between two sights.
This was also true for our next sight, we left early in the morning for an almost 2 hour drive, to get to the starting point of the olive trail hike.
Full of optimism we took the advisory that the hike was “fairly difficult and required some ropes along the way to pass through” as a warning for tourists that would not apply to experienced mountain-hikers like us. In the beginning this proved to be perfectly allright, the hike is a lovely hike going through amazing scenery and once you get down into the canyon, some minor climbing over rocks is required.

The scenery dominated by a red rock was beautiful and the trees living within those difficult conditions were impressive. At the end however, we were suddenly faced with a long stretch of vertical ropes that lead along a none-existing path 3 meters above a stinking pool of water shown on the right. The first steps were easy, however after a short climb we reached a dead end and the steps became much more hesitant and reluctant.
After a pretty dramatic near-fall, some panic attacks and the collective thought of “We’ll never make it out alive”, we actually managed to cross the pool and get everybody accross safely, even if some are now slightly bruised.
The scenery definitely made up for all of the scares and worries and the trip was well worth it, but we learned our lesson and will approach those advisories with more caution in future!


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