The bushman’s paradise was just a short stop on our way from Swakopmond to the Erongo mountains, it is located in and around the red granite Spitzkoppe-mountain and used to be a communication point for different San-tribes that were living in the area as nomades. Fairly old to very new paintings of animals and people can be found there.
Due to vandalism in the past years and general disrespect of the signs posted the paintings have dereriorated. After a failed attempt to turn the area into a national park, the local people supposedly decided to turn the entire area into a camping park.
Today, to enter the “camping park” you need to pay a fee and you are requested to take a guide with you, when you move in the area.
To make things short: Even if the park is not a national park, they found a way to make the place a protected area and, hopefully, prevent further distruction.
The guide told us about the meaning of the different signs, eg the rhinoceros’ head will point toward a water hole and the lion means “dangerous animal in the area, beware”. He also gave us some general information about the area and some more detailed area about the bushfire that seemd to have taken place just days ago.
In the end we decided that the “little bushman’s paradise” would be enough for us and that we would not hike up to the “real” Bushman’s paradise, which btw would have included some more ropes and not all of us were(or was it all of us were not?) looking forward to another rope-experience this soon after the olive trail. Bushman’s paradise was pretty much of limit anyways, so that we continued our way onwards.


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