This was my first stay on a hunting lodge and I must say I was positively surprised. Not only was owner very concerned about his animals, meaning the wild-life, he also kept refering to the entire area as his farm and was looking after the animal as best as possible.

The owner saw himself  pretty much as a ranger for his own farm, identifying weak and old animals that he would allow to be shot and making sure that the young animals would go unharmed. Even if my general idea of  trophy hunters hasn’t changed, my view of hunting farms has. This was the farm that knew the best what kind of wild life was present on their farm and which was most actively involved in keeping said wild life and the flora of their farm.

We stayed there for two days and did a number of tours, including a “farm tour”, where he showed us the other highlights of his farm including some stone drawings (not bushman drawing, because the style doesn’t fit apparently) and the “singing stones”. The singing stones definitely weren’t what I expected:  I was expecting  a number of stones through which the wind would blow, thereby creating music, wht it really was was a set of stones, that could be played like instruments and sounded like bells. They had been used by the local tribes for music and one could still see the marks on the stone.

We ended our stay at immenhof by searching for their, still small, herd of giraffes that was roaming on their property and managed to locate them within half an hour. Their youngest animal only being a couple of months old it was also one of the first times for the resident family to see pictures of it . Such cuties!


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