Our second to last stop is Etosha, Etosha is a huge national park which houses tens of thousands of animals. We spent several days there, driving around in our car searching for them and got lucky a good number of times.
It seems as if there has been an invasion of zebras in the park, everywhere you go and everywhere you stop you will see zebras. Mostly you will see them standing in front of you on the road, looking at you as if wondering what you do there. Most of the time they will eventually move off the road to a nearby patch where the grass is greener. Some times they seem not so inclined to do so. One of the first things we noticed is that zebra isn’t like zebras. Yes, most do have those lovely black and white stripes, but some of them seriously lucked out when the stripes were distributed and are of an almost entire black-brown color.
Almost as numerous as the zebras are the antilopes you will see in the park, those range from the tiny dik-diks over the springbock and impala and on to the big gemsbock, kudu and eland. Especially the springbock and impala seem to be everywhere as well.
The “biggest antilope”, the giraffe, is a little rarer, however she can still be seen frequently and is very much not afraid of cars, continuing to graze happily on the trees while you pass within stroking distance of them.
The same is pretty much true for the other big animals, namely the rhinoceros and the elephant. They remain very calm, when they cross within arm-length of you. We, however, did not remain so calm and couldn’t help but tremble a little. We did not get attacked however and survived to collect some very nice memories.
We even got to see lions and I am actually quite thankful that they did not get as close as the other animals, actually they were quite the laziest animals I’ve seen in the park. All they’d do is get up every two hours to follow the shadow of the tree they were lying under.


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