Our last and final stop was Waterberg, a plateau-mountain and national park at the edge of the Kalahari.  From our room we could see over the Kalahari, a flat savanna, which stretched for over 700km straight into Botswana. The only reason you couldn’t see that far, was the dust which would raise  and obscure the horizon and possible earth’s curverture. 😉  The only visible marks in the landscape, where a road, an airplane lane and several fire-prevention-corridors which cut through the forrest.

The road rising to the lodge was an experience in itself, very small, very steep and very curvy richly detailed with a huge amount of interesting road signs. However the lodge itself and the small bungalows were very nice and we were happy to learn that the lodge also provided dinner, thereby removing the need to cross the aforementioned road more than necessary.

The mountain itself is very beautiful, the stone varies from white-yellow to a very dark red which will glow amazingly in the afternoon and evening sun. The small pools in front of the bungalow were also ideal water holes for all kind of animals living in that area. Namely the dassies pictured on the right, stolen, uhm, lented from wikimedia). The dassies are a sort of over-grown guinea pigs, which according to our mammal book of Namibia spend 23h a day cuddling each other. They are propably the least graceful and most agile guinea pig I’ve ever seen. They can jump from branch to branch in a tree. In case of danger they’ll however just let themselves drop from the tree with an incredibly loud “thump” and run for their caves.

On the second day we climbed on top of the plateau and got to see the u-shaped form of the mountain and the cliffs all around it from the top and in the sun. Secretely we all hoped to run into the wild rhinoceros, leopards, cheetahs and buffalo living on top of the mountain, however we saw nothing but prints and droppings. I’m still debating on whether to be sad or happy about this. But since we all survived, maybe it was better this way.  😉


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