From the Naeroy fjord we continued on to  Eidfjord, a smallish village at the end of the rather large Hardangerfjord. Here, spring clearly has arrived. The trees have leafed and the fields are green. We set up our tent next to the shimmering water directly at the border of the fjord and with a great view of the snow covered mountains on the opposite side.
Within hiking distance of Eidfjord is  the biggest collection of viking burial mounds in western Norway and we made sure to visit… The hike is a short one, through beautiful scenery along the border of the fjord and on along the river before finally climbing up slightly onto the Haereid-plane. There we were confronted with heaps of stones, which we decided may have been burial mounds some 2500 years ago. They may also just have been heaps of stone though.

In the afternoon we took a bus up to Voringfossen, Norway’s biggest and most visited waterfall. After the bus driver tried to talk us out of the visit mentioning lots of snow and a lack of water in the river, we reached the Fossli-Hotel which is said to give the best view of the waterfall and were pleasantly surprised. The waterfall still is an imposing sight and the snow covered landscape around it gives a sense of peace and tranquillity that is very enjoyable. We spent close to 3h there, walking from one view point to the next, some times sinking knee deep into the snow.
Back at our tent we switched into warm and dry clothes and enjoyed the view of the fjord until it got too cold to stay outside.

The next morning we packed our things and our tent to board the ship following the Hardangerfjord down to Norheimsund form where the bus connects to Bergen. The scenery, bathing in sun light,  was impressive. The wide and open Hardangerfjord with its green slopes topped with a rest of snow on each side and  small groups of the typical colourful norwegian houses nestled into the slopes. All of this was being reflected perfectly on the turquoise water.


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