We started our expedition into the Lysefjord  in a very bad mood, after barely 4 hours of sleep, at 4 am, not much could have cheered us up. It didn’t help that we reached the bus stop just in time to see our bus leave without us about 10 minutes earlier than anticipated.  The morning had just turned from bad to worse.  Fortunately, it stopped getting worse roughly 5minutes later when we realised that we had missed a bus, but our bus was actually leaving right on time from the opposite side of the road and we got to the airport in time.

We had to get up so early to catch a plane from Bergen to Stavanger from where we wanted to hike up Preikestolen, a 600m high cliff above the Lysefjord, without even a coffee and very few words exchanged we boarded the plane thinking: “That Preikestolen better be worth all the trouble we’re going through”, but already the 35min flight from Bergen to Stavanger lifted our moods.  The aerial view of Bergen’s surrounding was stunning: hundreds of small and not so small islands bathed in the light of the  slowly rising mornng sun. But it was nothing compared with what was yet to come.

Once we had reached Stavanger, we took the ferry to Tau and from where we had to take  a (n expensive, as usual,) taxi to reach the starting point of the hike. Still a bit grumpy about the early morning we started out our hike through a light pine wood. Right from the start the view was great (I would like to say spectacular, but then I would be at a lack of words later on to describe the view from the top): Lots of deep blue lakes and green pines intertwined with impressive boulders and cliffs. Every second step one of us had to stop “just for a second to take a picture or 40.” We slowly (and not so steadily) made our way up and reached the first plain, which was also a marsh. Small wooden bridges led across the marsh, so we could cross it dry footed. From there on we scrambled the stony trail up  further and further, every turn revealing a new lake in a valley or a new cliff in the distance. The grumpiness slowly vanished and we enjoyed the hike immensely. It had definitely been worth all the trouble we went through. As beautiful as the hike was, it did not compare to the view that offered itself once you took the final turn and stood above the Lysefjord. The view was simply breathtaking!

We slowly crossed the last few meters to the Preikestolen itself, where we settled down and enjoyed our lunch. One big advantage to being so early in the season, is that even the most touristy places, such as Preikestolen, are still relatively deserted.. We weren’t alone, but neither was the place over run.

After having photographed every moving and immobile object on our way up, we  no longer needed to take pictures on our way back, hence  we got down much quicker than we went up and could take the speed boat back to Stavanger with the comfortable knowledge that there was no way we would miss our flight back to Bergen. Tired but happy we returned to Bergen at 9pm.


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  1. Wow, I am impressed and glad you got your plane. This must have been a shock after a cold night with hardly any sleep! Looking forward to all of the pictures

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