Work has been nice enough to send me to Udine for a week. Of course, that means that most of the time I spend in an old, worn room with the blends closed to better see the presentations. Nevertheless, once the meetings are over (usually 2 hours later than planned) or during lunch you get a chance to walk through the town and have a look at the buildings and the plazzas. Continue reading



Runde was something that sprang up at the very last moment. As beautiful as Alesund is, you do not need 3 days to visit it. So, after having had a lovely day in Alesund, we were looking for an alternative to going to the Geirangerfjord, whose webcams still showed that you couldn’t see much further than your could extend your arms.
Runde is a remote island, that is best known amongst ornithologists as it features a large amount of various birds. In particular it is home to a lot of puffin, which we wanted to see. Continue reading


So here are the follow ups on our last two stops in Norway. I guess better late than never, eh?

We had been following the weather forecast for Alesund and Geiranger, our next stop, in Bergen. The longer we looked the worse it got: First it was cloudy, then it was rainy, then the temperature dropped, then the visibility sank to pretty much nothing. InĀ  the end we decided to skip the Geirangerfjord, simply because there’s not much point in visiting the fjord if you can’t see the fjord. Continue reading