Work has been nice enough to send me to Udine for a week. Of course, that means that most of the time I spend in an old, worn room with the blends closed to better see the presentations. Nevertheless, once the meetings are over (usually 2 hours later than planned) or during lunch you get a chance to walk through the town and have a look at the buildings and the plazzas.

Udine is a small town in northern Italy, quite close to the Slovenian border. It has a very long history and with that comes a number of lovely old churches and plazzas and its cobble-stone streets invite you to stroll around.  This however is quite nullified by the incessant hard rain, the hail and the thunder storms we’ve been having.

A first brave attempt to go out on Tuesday ended after some short 30min with me swimming back to the hotel to find some dry clothes and the realization that in pouring rain any building will look gray in gray. Also orientation may become a challenge once your map has completely soaked through and is quickly becoming a uniformly coloured blob of paper.

Luckily enough, the weather has been improving in the last two days and strolls through the town have become much more enjoyable. The streets are mostly cobble-stone, the streets have all been built with arcades and the town features a number of old churches and lovely piazzas. One highlight certainly is the Castello slightly elevated above the town, where you can have lunch with a lovely view onto the roofs of the city and the mountains in the back. The way back down, once again is boarded by a lovely colonnade you can see on the left and leads right onto the old Piazza della Libertà where the town hall and the Torre dell’Orologio is located.


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