Segesta & Selinunte

As with most conferences, one afternoon was “sacrificed” to some organized sight-seeing. This sight-seeing was meant to take us away from Erice, which¬† is a very cute little town, but if you’ve spent 3 hours there, you’ve seen it all. Therefore we got onto the bus and set off to visit some of the Greek ruins in the area. Continue reading



Erice is a lovely little village on top of a big hill appropriately named mount Erice in the very western part of Sicily with a lovely view onto the surrounding area. It has had an long and convoluted history, as many of Italy’s city have, having been at one point in time Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Trojan and eventually (destroyed by the) Carthaginian.

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Cividale del Friuli

As with many conferences, we had one half-day off. This time, it was the thursday morning. As I had already seen most of what I wanted to see in Udine, I decided to drive out to the small village/town of Cividale del Friuli roughly 25km from Udine. This small village has a long history which it shows off by some celtic, roman and christian buildings or left-overs of such. Not only has the village a rich history, it also lies beautifully on both sides of a turquoise river. Continue reading