Arriving in Iceland

This is a post about my  trip to Iceland. A little late. But better late than never. This was a trip I had highly anticipated! Which is probably also why I’ve had such a hard time summarizing my experience on paper. Our summer trip was going to be a road trip around Iceland. Very excited and with lots of anticipations we started our flight to Reykjavik. Would our expectations prove too high for reality? Would Iceland be as incredible as everybody had made it out to be? Or was my imagination creating a monster nothing could live up to.

The first disenchantment had already come shortly before leaving, when one of us was  foolish enough to look up the weather and temperatures of Reykjavik: Rainy and only 16 degrees,  this could not measure up to the summer we’d been having in central Europe.  Always enthusiastic  I packed another sweater but didn’t unpack my shorts. The latter would not leave my suitcase during the entire trip, as the temperature kept dropping and dropping. We landed in the early afternoon, rented a car and shortly after left for Borgarnes, a small town a little further up north.  Not without the reassuring comment of the car rental person, that “it would stay this hot for the next few days”. This turned out to be a lie, but by the time we found out, he was safely out of  reach and could not be held accountable.

Orientation in Iceland, in general, is easy: There’s one tared road, conveniently named road 1, that takes you in a long circle along the shore of Iceland from Reykjavik back to Reykjavik. This is the route we will be following, most of the time. It is also the route that took us to Borgarnes in an uneventful, but frequently interrupted drive because someone needed to jump out to grab a quick picture of the coast, the skyline of reykjavik or the countryside. Which would then be followed by another quick picture, and another. All in all it was a good thing that our flight had been moved ahead 2hours, so that we had a lot of time to reach our final destination, which was a couple of 100kms away.
The first night, we stayed at the most lovely B&B in Borgarnes with a direct view onto the Atlantic ocean and what we believe to be the first seal seen on our trip. It might also have been a piece of floating would… we’ll never know.
As a small spoiler to those that worry: I totally loved Iceland. It definitely lived up to its reputation and I absolutely want to go back!



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