Our final day had arrived and all that was left to do was to drive to the airport. Of course we did not take the most direct route. We decided to tour the peninsula Reykjanes taking the longest possible way from our hotel to the airport.

I found Reykjanes to be very impressive because it showed us so much of what we had seen in Iceland on such a small scale. We drove through long stretches of lava fields overgrown with silver moss as we had seen them nearly everywhere in Iceland. We passed through green mountains as we had seen around Egilsstadir. We drove over coloured earth-roads as we did in Landmannalaugur. There were lovely blue lakes, like the lake Myvatn and black beaches as we saw in Jökulsárlón. There was even a solfatara field as the one we’d seen the day before  and  the ruggedly cliffs we’d seen in Vik were also there. The only thing “missing” so to say to be a perfect summary of Iceland where the big rivers, waterfalls and, of course, the glaciers.

It also had a very relaxed vibe, different to the golden circle where there is much more traffic and much more people trying to quickly “see Iceland in a day”, which by the way is just not possible. After this day I’d recommend driving through Reykjanes and you will see more of Iceland than you do on the golden circle.  I really fell in love with this small “almost island”.  Everything is a bit less grand and less impressive than “the original”, but it works well together and shows of the diversity! Let’s be honest though, it also has the occasional somewhat uneventful moment, when the landscape sees to be stuck in a mode and just doesn’t want to change.  This is also why we decided to skip the last corner of Reykjanes and drive directly to the airport. (That and the fact that we wanted to catch our plane). We handed over our car, which had served us so faithfully and slowly stumbled towards our plane and then back into the summer.

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This was the second summer in a row I spent my holidays going somewhere with freezing temperatures and snow,  somehow I don’t know if that’s how it is supposed to be.


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