El roque de los muchachos

This is where I was staying until last week, next to the beautiful MAGIC telescopes. They are a pair, and you can see both in the picture. Even though one of them is just visible as a reflection in the mirrors of the other telescope! Most of the time the weather was to bad for the telescopes to operate, but on a few occasions  we were able to see the telescopes in action and to see them move through the night sky. Quite the impressive sight! Continue reading


Los Cancajos

Here we are now, finally caught up with my summer vacation.  (Yes I cheated and moved the posts back in time to roughly the time we were there)

So let’s get to where I’m currently at:¬† La Palma. I arrived with a couple of spare days to spend at the beach. I had booked a place in a hotel in Los Cancajos, as it was the closest place to the airport where we could stay. As it turns out this was lucky, since Los Cancajos has a beach, while there is no beach in Santa Cruz de La Palma, the island’s capital city. They are building one, but it won’t be ready for a few years. Continue reading