Los Cancajos

Here we are now, finally caught up with my summer vacation.  (Yes I cheated and moved the posts back in time to roughly the time we were there)

So let’s get to where I’m currently at:  La Palma. I arrived with a couple of spare days to spend at the beach. I had booked a place in a hotel in Los Cancajos, as it was the closest place to the airport where we could stay. As it turns out this was lucky, since Los Cancajos has a beach, while there is no beach in Santa Cruz de La Palma, the island’s capital city. They are building one, but it won’t be ready for a few years.

As I chose the cheapest hotel available, we were a bit further away from the beach, but this was actually a nice thing, because a well-built path led along the cliffs to the beach and back, so that the sightseeing was included on the trip to the beach. La Palma is a volcanic island, as such most of the seaside are cliffs and not beaches. The water is drilling many canyons into the island and most of them end in a small sub-aquatic cave that the water is digging deeper and deeper into the island. The water flowing in and out can get trapped and then you get small fountains when the entrapped air forces its way out.

The beach itself is not super big, but it also isn’t overrun by people (at least not in November), so that there’s plenty of room for everyone. Including a surprisingly large amount of animals. In particular crabs can be seen everywhere. Small fishes will be trapped in temporary lakes between rocks and there’s much to be seen.
Unfortunately I have reached La Palma at a less than ideal time, November is the rainiest month in La Palma and as such it has been raining a lot. On the positive side, winds and rain make for more dramatic waves and scenery, but in general sunshine is preferable. Luckily I had a bit of that as well, just enough to get a slight tan sunburn. For comparison I’ve added the same picture from the first evening with clouds and from the second morning in the sun.

See the difference?


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