La Palma – Sunsets

This is just a short note to show of some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately. Every evening, or almost every evening as it has been raining a lot lately, we get a wonderful display of sunsets. One of the things that have been consistently nice, even when the weather was bad, here in La Palma were the sunsets. They would always glow and shine in all kind of shades of yellow red and pink. Not all of them are as dramatic as the one above, but they’re always nice… Then again very few sunsets are not nice.

When you’re up at the top of the mountain, the sun will often fall into a sea of clouds, whereas when you’re at the bottom the sun will usually sink into the sea (the real one). One particularly nice sunset we had was when the sun set behind the silhouette of Tenerife and its Mount Teide, with 3,718 m it is the highest mountain in the canary islands and Spain.

Unfortunately we haven’t been so lucky with the sunrises, for one because by the time the sun rises we usually are on our way to sleep, but also because the weather hasn’t been playing along and it’s often drizzling and raining in the morning, preventing the sun from making an appearance at all.  But not only the sun rise can be beautiful, the moon rise is bth very beautiful and very inspiring as well!


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