OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m off to new and exciting places. Unique experiences and wonderful memories.. But first, I stopped in Bremen. Bremen had been on my bucket list for a while. It’s a smallish German town with a well-known and well-liked historic city-center. So, since I was already going to be traveling (to South OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmerica if you want to know :)) I decided to do a short stop in Bremen.

The city center is indeed very historic. Luckily, my sister who happens to have completed history-related studies went along. That is how I learned that Bremen has not one but two land marks. The one I knew about and probably everyone in Germany knows are the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Bremen has a statue of a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster stacked one on top of each other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s in reference to a fairy tale about old farm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanimals that are no longer of use to their owners. When the owner decides to have them put down they run away instead.  They end up meeting up by chance and decide to become musicians in Bremen. While on the road to Bremen, they run into a group of thieves living in a house in the woods. They ‘fight’ of the thieves with their ‘music’ and decide to occupy the house for the night. They end up liking the house so much, that they remain there and never make it to Bremen.

The statue of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten is right in the city center in Bremen, next to the city hall. When we walked around the city hall we faced a large statue. The big Roland, my sister told me happily, the biggest of all Rolands and the true land mark of Bremen.. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was happy to nod and pretend I knew what she was talking about.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Luckily we ran into him a number of times, so I not only learned that he’s 12meter high, but also that he is a symbol of the rights certain cities attained in the middle age in Germany. In particular independence/freedom and the right to trade which the Roland proudly proclaims. The Roland in Bremen is the largest Roland in Germany. So I assume they had the biggest freedom? But who knows. 😉

Right next to the Roland the facade of the city hall is covered in important citizens of the city.. unfortunately the artist seems to have been a bit challenged when it comes to the proportions of the human body.

The cathedral, also on the main plaza, is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAequipped with a lot of interesting sculptures and a highly confusing construction history.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I believe the first stones for the church where set in the 11th century and the basement still dates from that period.

Cool and dark, it contains nordic symbolism like the fenriswolf..

Why is anybody’s guess. The church on top is built first in the 13th century, then partially collapses, is rebuilt, abandoned, rebuilt, has only one tower, two towers, no towers..


It is rebuilt for the final time after the second world war, but in the old style. It has two very high towers, reaching into the sky and a couple of very exotic OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstatues at the entrance, as well as very old an fascinating figures inside like the baptistery from the 13th century.

But Bremen has more to offer than just the central plaza, it also has a small Art Nouveau (as far as my unschooled eye can tell) street that I thoroughly enjoyed and a super cute historic quarter full of tiny tiny houses and even tinier tinier streets.