Perito Moreno

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next day I took the bus to the glacier Perito Moreno. It’s famous for three reasons, as I was told: 1) It’s easy to access 2) It’s not decreasing in size and 3) “The phenomenon”. By that is meant the fact that regularly parts of the glacier break off and fall into the lake. TOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhis happens daily, but what is meant in that context are large chunks such as happened about a year ago. Unfortunately this happens only every 4-8 years, so I knew I had little chance of seeing “a big break-off”. I did however see some smaller ones and even caught some on camera. The site at the Perito Moreno offers little besides the glacier. There are 4 little loops you can walk to watch the glacier form different angles and that is it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our bus (the ‘standard’ bus going from El Calafate to the glacier) dropped us off, not at the main entrance but at the big parking lot at the on the far right. From there we approached the Glacier by foot along a trail following the coastal line of the lake at first and later climbing into the hills.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlready from the distance you can hear the noises the glacier makes. The cracking, the sound of ice dropping into the water, the waves hitting the glacier in return. It’s a nice way to discover the glacier slowly (Of course you’d seen it from the bus before, but that doesn’t quite count ;)). The side views, in my opinion, are much better than the frontal view from the main entrance. A lot of exciting details can be seen, breakages happen. There’s always something new to see.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I had walked the different trails and satisfied my curiosity I sat myself down in the main view point and waited for the ice to break off. It happened about half an hour later, a largish piece that I even caught on camera. I was happy. I decided to stay on, to see if there’s more happening. But the wind picked up, it started to rain a bit and I figured it was time for a nice hot coffee and maybe an empanada. As always, Murphy’s law applies, I turned around, walked 10min back towards the direction of our bus and just after I was around a corner, I heard a giant cracking sound, followed by a huge splash, followed by people yelling in amazement. Of course this had to happen just after I’d left. 20min later I would’ve been in the Café and wouldn’t have heard it. 10min earlier and I would have seen it..But the glacier likes to taunt me.animated
I returned the next morning and you can see where the big block broke off on this before – after picture.. It’s almost the same as if I’d been there, right? 😀OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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