Capilla de Marmól

We visited the marble caves in the early morning. Again the cave is not really what I expect of a cave, but the washed out marble is quite nice. This being said, it wasn’t the must-see the guide books make it out to be. In addition we left very early, around 8am, to be able to catch the bus. We weren’t the only ones who had had that idea, so there were about 15 boats swarming around the caves and it got very hard to actually enjoy the trip.

The mood of the driver wasn’t helping. We had been at a booth the evening before to do a reservation. This person had promised to alleviate our cash-flow issues by charging us by credit card. The next morning we went back to said person and he walked us to the gas station, where he bought gas for the amount we owed him. All dandy.

But with this taken care of we walked back to the port where a very agitated guy came running towards us. Telling us that we had a responsibility towards him and that we committed to do the tour with him. Why were we standing at another person’s booth now. He was going to run a deficit on the boat tour because we weren’t joining it. We didn’t quite understand what was happening. My best guess is that we were handed on from the original guy we did the reservation with to this guy. We told him we paid the guy we did the reservation with and that we weren’t psychic and couldn’t have known that we’d changed boat overnight. He insisted we should’ve check the logs to make sure they hadn’t been modified.
In the end, the guy we paid ended up having full boats, so he handed us over to the guy that had been complaining before. That just made it more confusing. It also led to the boat driver being rather unmotivated, rushing through the caves with little opportunity to stop and watch in peace.

The visit itself consists of three stops, there’s a marble front, in which caves are currently being dug by the water and the capillo and catedral de marmól.Two boulders, one smaller the other larger, that have been completely perforated by tunnels at the height of the water. All in all, it’s quite a sight. But it would’ve been nice to have a little more time to enjoy the view and, maybe, a little less traffic while we were visiting.
If you have the time, in general I’d recommend to catch the 9am tour.. That one is much less frequented. A single boat headed towards the Capilla while we were heading back.. But it means you can’t catch the 10am bus.. And who knows if the other buses truly exist.


One comment

  1. Sounds like you found another “interesting” way of travelling!
    And the pictures are amazing!
    Maybe you are just too demanding concerning caves ;P

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