Ventisquero Colgante

Puyuhuapi offers access to the Queulat national park, whose main attractions are the hanging glacier (Ventisquero Colgante) and the enchanted woods (Bosque Encantado). The first can be reached by a bus service going in the morning around 9am and picking you up in the evening around 5pm. Why those times you may ask? Well as it turns out this is run by two of the three employees running the park entry and boat rental. They bought a bus and now offer the lift for a small charge. Obviously they can’t leave before their work day is over.. although arriving late seems to be an option.

At the entrance of the park every one needs to get off and pay their entrance fee. Upon our return a small surprise awaited us. A Kolibri had made its way into the car and was frantically trying to get back out.

The Ventisquero Colgante is nice, the walk up to the viewpoint is just 3.5km long and leads through luscious green woods. Plenty of fern and moss on all sides. The big-leafed gunnera also grows in every possible and impossible location. The final viewpoint offers a nice view onto the glacier who is, unfortunately, no longer really hanging but more lying on top of the cliff. The waterfall running off of it is quite impressive though.

The information center later told us that this glacier used to reach the fjord, now over 7km away. Since it’s discovery in the 1840s it has been receding and growing in irregular intervals.. So who knows it might be hanging again in the future.

Even though we did take our time to make the way up and down and then did all the other walks offered (ranging from 200m to 800m), we still ended up with quite a bit of time left over.. It’s not really a full day excursion. We did find a great way to pass the time, analyzing the Rorschach pictures the wind and weather had left on one of the sheds. Can you see what we saw?


One comment

  1. Well, the left-hand one is obviously the waterfall you just visited. The right-hand one seems to be some kind of paw print. Now the middle one is a bit more difficult. My first association was a sectional view of a cavern. But now I think it might be a microscopic view of a hair?

    Just realized that in the middle picture, below and to the left of the hair, there is an up-side-down head of a stag?

    Also the paw print could be face. With a mustache.

    Well I can see how that shed might have kept you busy for a while…

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