Bosque encantado

Reaching the Bosque Encantado from Puyuhuapi is harder. In particular in the week we were there. In theory the bus goes three times a week from Puyuhuapi to Puerto Cisnes, with the option to dropping you off at the Bosque and picking you back up on its way back. Unfortunately it turned out that bus was defective and the smaller replacement bus already sold out. In addition that week the road to Puerto Cisnes closed between 1pm and 5pm for road work, so that going back and forth wasn’t all that easy.

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Luckily everyone knows someone and the park workers who drove us the day before knew something that would drive us to the Bosque for a not so small fee. We were happy just being able to go there at all and agreed. The scenery on the drive was amazing, it had already been amazing when we first past it on our way to Puyuhuapi but most of it was covered in closed. Today there wasn’t a single cloud. The entrance is a tiny door already half hidden in the woods. Behind it unveils a landscape saturated in green with moss everywhere (except the path). Hanging from the trees, growing on the trees, on the ground, on the hand rails, on the stones. A small river meanders through the wood, broken trees lying over it. Different types of moss and (as I had learned the day before in the information center) lichen alternate. The entire scenery seems completely untouched and abandoned. After the first part, that is the “actual” enchanted forest the path starts to climb up towards, you guessed it, a laguna, a glacier and a mountain peak. These have become our inevitable companions on this road. Glaciers everywhere. Shortly before reaching the laguna the forest opened up and allowed a view on a lovely waterfall, probably coming from the same glacier as the laguna.


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