And suddenly there was fall.

The second hike I did in El bolson was the inpronounceable cerro piquilitron. This is from the parking lot at the platform, not starting in El bolson itself. There’s little merit to walking up to the platform, other than saving the 120 pesos you’d have to cash out for a shared taxi. You walk along the road for 10km, with the view mostly hidden by trees. The constant trickle of cars on the dirt road, probably wouldn’t make it more enjoyable either, but I saw a bunch of people walking up the road anyways.

I would really recommend driving up though, since the hike to the top is another steep 3-4h hike uphill after the platform if one wants to reach the top of the mountain (and the views from the top are way more amazing than from the platform)
From the platform on, small paths leads between trees and open green patches steeply upwards until you reach the refugio roughly an hour in. From there the path alternates between breathtakingly beautiful and breathtakingly scary. On the climb I frequently asked myself why exactly I was doing this to myself.. but the moment I reached the top and saw the view, I knew exactly why I’d come here.


From the cumbre you can see down into the next valley of steep mountains. There autumn was in full force with deep red autumn forest lying in the center. I was absolutely flashed. The view was absolutely imposing. I started taking fotos like a mad woman and, of course, that’s the moment the little red battery light on my camera started flashing too.. So, I had to take all those pictures extra fast, so that I don’t miss out on one of the views while taking pictures. Luckily I managed to take all the pictures I wanted to take before the battery gave out and we started walking back down.
The way down was mostly scary, the path is steep and slippery and I saw more than one person fall and stumble more than walk it back down. Once we reached the platform again, we were faced with a different issue: How to get back down without walking the 10km, because obviously there’s no taxi waiting there on the off chance that someone needs a lift.

We eventually hitched a ride on the back of car,enjoying the scenery and moving at just slightly higher than walking speed, since the road was bumpy, steep and windy. When we almost reached the bottom we happened to come accross a police control, which nicely informed us that it’s illegal to ride in the back of a truck and we’d need to get off… We got off and started walking the reminder of the road, as it wasn’t far now. But from the way the driver and the three other guys in the back of the truck acted, I had a feeling something was up… And indeed, something was up. Behind the next corner the car was waiting for us.. As it turns out those three guys, happened to be the driver’s sons and their friend. They weren’t going to be left behind. So we hitched a ride until the end of the dirt road and got off before hitting the main road.


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