I left El Bolson for Bariloche on Easter Saturday with the goal to celebrate Easter in the chocolate capital of Argentina. Little did I know, that all Easter celebrations are done from Thursday to Saturday and Sunday is the travel day as Monday isn’t a holiday here (as it is in Germany). I managed to not only arrive after the celebrations but also when the good weather switched to bad. Therefore my first target was to get a new jacket, which ended with a very grumpy me, a significantly lighter wallet and a mediocre jacket.. Argentina apparently has protective import taxes on clothing and similar, so what would normally be a 50$ jacket ends up being 200$. And I didn’t really want to go for the 200$ jacket at a 600$ price.

Unfortunately, the only way around this is apparently to go to Chile. But, the direct border crossing from Bariloche to Pucon had unfortunately closed the weak prior due to snow and the rain and cold winds, didn’t really tempt me into just toughing it out until I reach Chile.
There are downsides to traveling outside of the peak season. Another downside is that the hostels are getting emptier and emptier and you will occasionally find yourself by yourself when you’re really looking for some company. Fortunately, the hostel I ended up at had a big group of voluntary workers manning the reception and having big cooking parties at the hostel every evening. So even though the hostel was empty, I had plenty of company of great company. In addition, since they all enjoyed cooking we also had home made bread and jam every morning.IMG_20170420_220457
Yet another downside of traveling off season is that the nature parks totally unreasonably will close down trails because they’re snowed in and refugio’s because they’re snowed in.. So I had to cancel my plan to do a 4 day hike and split it up into two single day hikes instead.. Cutting out some of the trail I initially planned to do and rewarping it into different treks.

IMG_20170416_145942On a positive note, chocolate never goes out of season and I had so much good chocolate in Bariloche. I could not stop buying more. and more. and more.

I also finally figured out what a submarino, or submarine is. It’s much more innocent than the German counterpart (A shot of vodka in a glass of beer):

It is a chocolate that is submerged into hot milk:


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