Termas Geometricas

The main attraction in Pucon is the volcano climb. Most people come here for this and stay for the bad weather, because you can’t climb the volcano unless the weather is good. The same was true for us, we arrived on a Tuesday and would actually wait until Saturday for the weather to become good enough to attempt the climb. In the mean time, there are other things that can be done. The already mentioned hydrospeed is one. It doesn’t matter if there’s rain from above since you’re already completely drenched and the view is also irrelevant because: No glasses. Another activity that is actually recommended to do on a rainy day are the hot springs. Now, this being a volcanic area, there are many hot springs from very cheap to very expensive and from very close to very far. Unfortunately, the very expensive one had the best pictures and came with the highest recommendations. So we chose to treat ourselves to a day of spa and relaxation.. What we didn’t know was that this “treat” included a two hour trip, one way on bumpy roads. Yes the most expensive one is also the most distant one. We sure know how to pick them.

This being said, the Termas Geometricas are absolutely worth a visit. Located in a very narrow, very green canyon, it has a slightly surreal appeal. Vapor billows through the canyon, occasionally hiding and revealing different parts of the hot springs. The name, geometrical hot springs comes from the different shapes the hot springs are in. The first few pools we walked past were labeled 35, 36 and 39.. We were impressed: So many different pools? We would never be able to try them all! After a while we realized those numbers actually indicated the water temperature. Silly us.

So we tried all the numbers. Really all of them, I had a foot in the 45 degree pool, but barely more. However I did stand under the 7 degree waterfall.. Even if the pictures of that incident will never be released. I may have been able to stand under the waterfall, I definitely had no control over my facial features though.

Relaxed and tired we returned to the bus at 6pm to have it undo all the nice relaxation we’d achieved.


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