Originally we’d wanted to stop in Potosi but the height and the somewhat desolate picture of the city made us change our mind. After four days of isolation, we weren’t ready to face this. So we decided to move on directly to Sucre. Sucre is a lovely little city. A place to just waste away the days, with sunny weather, lovely hostels but still no peanut soup. We stayed here for two days and did literally nothing. The hostel sold beer, so it wasn’t even necessary to leave the place. Almost ever.

We did try out some nice new food and with my ticket to La Paz already booked for 8pm, I finally made it out of the hostel with my camera to walk the streets. In a way I’m happy my travel companions had quite a tight schedule and needed to move on.. Or I might’ve just wasted away day after day, sitting in the sun doing nothing. On the other hand, I’m a bit sad, that I didn’t spend days wasting away in the sun.. You can’t have it all can you.


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