La Paz 2.0

After hopping through Bolivia’s central national parks I returned to La Paz to plan my next moves. It felt a bit like home.. The moment I got there all my plans to leave again kinda failed because they included an early rise. However, I did enjoy La Paz, as usual. Out of the four days I stayed there, four where national holidays and I recently learned that basically all of August will be holidays as well as it’s the month of Pachamama. The first two days I stayed in la Paz were the “Fiestas universitarias”, lot’s of party, lot’s of noise an fireworks everywhere in the evening. The next day was el dia del municipio, where the local employees don’t work. Instead they (or at least some) dress up in traditional dresses and have a procession through the street. Complete with music and honking cars at the back that don’t enjoy the road being blocked. Today is the day of the Pachamama, Mother Earth. This also showed me that the traditional gifts to Pachamama are still practiced by many. The stores in the witchers markets were full and people were queuing out the door and around the next corner to buy gift baskets to offer to Pachamama today.
La Paz, as usual was also full of chance encounters. An old lady telling me that the now bus station used to be a border control office and before that a train station (for a train that no longer exists) and has been originally designed by Mr Eiffel from the Eiffel tower. A street vendor, telling me about his twelve years on the road, collecting stones from all over South America. (Yes, I ended up buying things from him. ;)). A taxi driver debating Christianity, love and philosophy. Everyone has a story to share and the time to do so.
I also finally cracked and bought some much needed essentials before leaving Bolivia, for example lama earrings. Unfortunately I proceeded to forget them in my hostel the next morning.. I guess I’m not used to wearing jewelery anymore.. But for the ten hours they belonged to me, I really loved them! (And I did go and bought a new pair the next day)


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