Ek Balam

Ek Balam is an ancient Maya ruin. Not much seems to be known about the site since many of the buildings carry descriptive titles such as “structure 2” or “structure 18”. The outer walls are still quite easily recognized as are the remains of the ball court, but the hoops are gone. The single most interesting building is the pyramid at the very back of the site. After the original builder died he was buried in the pyramid. His son then went ahead and put what he considered a modern facade over the old original one. Of that new modern facade nothing remains, but it did protect the old decorations from the damage of time.

This means that you can now see quite a few nicely preserved reliefs. Or you could if they weren’t busy restoring it and have put up some big structures to do so. We couldn’t see the figures at the top very well, as they were hidden from view. But we did watch the people working on the reliefs scraping, gluing and fixing the tiny, invisible tears before they could become visible.



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