Arenal region


Our weather forecast had predicted semi-decent weather for the Arenal area the coming days, so we decided to give the area a second chance. After all, we hadn’t seen the Arenal volcano yet.. and it turns out we wouldn’t see it either. The volcano remained covered in clouds throughout our entire day. But we did get some dry periods here and there. Since we had mediocre weather and no desire to hike, we went for THE other activity in Arenal: The hot springs. There’s a multitude of hot springs in that area to cater to any need. The entrance fees usually reflect this, though.. ranging anywhere from 35USD to 150USD for a day pass. In the end we decided to do what the locals do and soak in the river just below the road. These ‘local’ hotsprings are nice and warm, although I could’ve enjoyed them a tiny bit hotter as well.

It was a good choice as the rain almost didn’t stop during that entire time.
Our plan for the afternoon had been to enjoy “Coffee and birds” once more in the Bogarin garden. But since it simply would not stop raining, we spent our time in a small café in town instead. The original idea of a combined afternoon + evening tour with coffee break, fell through. However, shortly after sunset the rain stopped. We waited another 20min for good measure and when the rain didn’t set in again, we drove up to the Bogarin garden and got lucky.

We caught the brothers just as they were about to close up for the day.. and they professed themselves happy to give us a night tour. First we stopped in their backyard to find the red-eyed tree frog. When we saw the first one, we felt very lucky.. After the next two we realised they might not be as rare as expected.. Then we saw three sitting in the same plant and realised they’re probably pretty common. It doesn’t matter though because they’re really pretty and it’s nice to see them each times.

After leaving their backyard, we set out to find frogs ‘in the wilderness’ and we got to see almost all of them, the masqueraded frog, the blue jeans frog, the campesana, the mezical and many more whose names I can’t quite remember. They were green, yellow, brown, whitish, blue and red and ranged from finger-nail to almost hand-sized. With the exception of the bull frog, which apparently gets larger and which we didn’t see. We also saw some supersized really beautiful bugs and sleeping birds. Even though our guide did go looking for the most poisoneous snake of Costa Rica, we weren’t particular sad that he couldn’t find it.

We returned home much later than expected, after having been carried away by our enthusiasm for frogs.

The next morning we stopped by to say a quick good bye to the brothers and were inevitably invited to some coffee and bird watching on their porch. We ended up seeing so many different birds again, including green parrots, toucans, local turkeys, blue and green bee-eaters, yellow fly catchers and a bird we, ceremoniously named the ‘red-ass-bird’. There were also many more types of birds, that we can no longer name, as we didn’t retain all the names.



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