OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Driving back from Montenegro proved to be fun, we caught the bus in the morning to Herceg Novi, from where we wanted to continue to Dubrovnik. We decided to travel the last 40km from Herceg Novi on in Taxi, as it turned out to be just as expensive as the bus and about twice as fast. The taxi driver was really nice and quite proficient in English, as long as you remained on well trodden paths. Talks about the shifting borders of Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia proved to be no problem. However, my question whether we would be able to have breakfast at the airport (which we had just passed and he had shown us), was too unexpected and I never managed to convey the meaning of it. In the end, we gave up and just assumed, we’d find a place to have a coffee there… We were right. 🙂 Continue reading


Revisiting Split

Almost tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwo years after we first visited Split we are back for more. Only this year, instead of visiting the north of Croatia, we want to travel further south and explore the mountains of Bosnia and Montenegro. We spent a sunny Sunday morning walking the tiny and narrow streets, discovering new corners and streets we hadn’t even seen before and reminiscing in the memories of our last visit there. Continue reading


Split was our final stop in Croatia and after being somewhat disappointed by most cities on our tour, we arrived with low expectations. It turned out that this would be the one city we found highly appealing and interesting.

Split as many other Croatian towns, is built on the fundaments of a Roman town, in this case not only of a Roman town, but the city core is actually built within the ruins of an old, admittedly over-sized, palace. The 4 original palace gates still stand and you can enter the city through either of them. Within the palace walls, you will find all the important buildings, market places, churches, the cathedral and many more. Continue reading

Trogir and Solin

On our way from Sibenik to Split, we made two stops. Well, initially we had planned only one stop, but since we left Trogir early in the afternoon, we decided to stop at Solin too, before entering Split. The latter turned out to be somewhat of an adventure.
Trogir is, yes you guessed it, yet another town that has captured the attention of the UNESCO world heritage programme. As mentioned, it’s quite hard to step around Croatia without running into one of those places. The old town of Trogir, in it’s totality has been considered worth saving by UNESCO and the old town is indeed cute. The surroundings, not so much: Decayed and not so decayed dockyards amidst other heavy industrial sites made for a rather sad view during our lunch, which we unfortunately decided to happen in a place with sea view. Continue reading

Kornati Islands

On our first day in Sibenik, we actually left at 8am, to go elsewhere. Namely to do a trip to and through the Kornati islands. We drove up to Murter to board a lovely old boat (or at least a boat that pretended to be lovely and oldish).

Starting in Murter, a little town a couple of kilometers away from Sibenik, we boarded our lovely ship and claimed two seats in the shadow of the lower deck. Just to leave them soon after and explore the upper deck. Luckily, it wasn’t all that sunny, so that we did not get the sunburn of our lives. Continue reading


Sibenik was an interesting experience. We stayed there mostly because  of its proximity to the National Parks we wanted to visit.

Our initial plan said to spend half a day in Sibenik and a day and a half in Krka National Park. However we were so under-awed that we arrived at Sibenik in the early afternoon instead of late at night. We decided to visit the tourist office to see what else we could do. Continue reading


On our way from one national park to another we passed through several cities. Some we really enjoyed,  some were somewhat disappointing.

We made our very first “city stop” in Zadar, supposedly “the next big tourist attraction” in Croatia. However we  did not share that impression. It has some nice spots and some unusual attractions, but over all it is not a place one must have seen. Continue reading

Krka – The place that can’t be pronounced

Krka is another of  Croatia’s beautiful National Parks. It is a little further south and very similar, yet very different to the Plitvice National Park from my last post.

The lakes may only be almost as blue, the bridges less pretty, but the trees seemed greener and the waterfalls more imposing. If I had to pick a favourite, I would be hard pressed to decide between Plitvice and Krka (which is pronounced Kerr-ka by the way). Continue reading

Plitvice – Turquoise Lakes and lucious waterfalls

The first half of our trip through Croatia centered on the many beautiful National Parks Croatia has to offer, many of them have been named UNESCO World heritage (for very good reasons).

Our very first stop was at Plitvice National Park, also known as Winnetou-Land. This is the area where most of the Winnetou movies where shot and as my sister so eloquently put it: We were brushing mist from our eyes, where Winnetou had to do the same not too long ago.  His glory is ours too, now! Continue reading


Croatia is a land of greatness. The sea and lakes seem bluer, the vegetation greener, the people friendlier, the mountains rockier and scarcer than elsewhere.
However, Croatia is also still a poor country emerging from a war that ended barely 20 years ago and you will see the occasional reminder in form of bullet riddled houses and burned down tanks along the way when you travel through the countryside.

Croatian people, though, look ahead and don’t ponder on the past. So should you, if you want to enjoy your trip. People have been very welcoming and helpful to us and many actually speak good English in touristy regions. Even when we were unable to communicate directly with a person, due to our lack of Croatian, we always managed to get the message across somehow and ended up in the places we wanted to be. Continue reading