Our final day had arrived and all that was left to do was to drive to the airport. Of course we did not take the most direct route. We decided to tour the peninsula Reykjanes taking the longest possible way from our hotel to the airport.

I found Reykjanes to be very impressive because it showed us so much of what we had seen in Iceland on such a small scale. We drove through long stretches of lava fields overgrown with silver moss as we had seen them nearly everywhere in Iceland. We passed through green mountains as we had seen around Egilsstadir. We drove over coloured earth-roads as we did in Landmannalaugur. Continue reading


The golden circle and Hveravellir

We kept the so called Golden Circle for our last full day on Iceland.  The golden circle features the waterfall Gulfoss, Strokkur, Iceland’s only Geyser and the historically relevant Þingvellir  (pronounced Thingvetlir).

I was expecting another top-nodge day, but I have to say that while it was a nice tour it did fall short of my expectations and is not a good representation of Iceland. I found the tour of Reykjanes the next day to be much more beautiful and to reflect the personality of Iceland much better.  I am sure if we’d started out with the golden circle, we’d have been blown away, but with six days of all the wonders of Iceland on our backs, it failed to excite me at least. Continue reading


After having reached Hella, we had a nice chat with our host about our plans of going to Landmannalaugur for only one afternoon, he confirmed that it is indeed doable and that you only need 90min to get there from here. He also indicated that most tourists though, usually stayed there much much longer. Unfortunately we didn’t have time. We also checked with him that the road was in good condition and that we wouldn’t have to cross any fords. Continue reading

The south coast

Let’s start with the south coast. We drove from Skaftafell to Hella and had to start out very early because we wanted to reach Hella around 12pm, so that we would have time to drive into Landmannalaugur in the afternoon.

The road along the south coast is a beautiful drive that would easily fill an entire day if only you had the time. We didn’t so the drive was given 5h seperated into 3h driving time and 2h of picture taking and general “view enjoying”. Just to be safe we also left an hour earlier. Continue reading

Skaftafell national park

The Skaftafell national park, was the only place where we stayed two nights. This was a good thing because we spent a lot of time on the road the day before and would be doing an almost insane road trip again the day after. (I say almost because clearly we are not insane, anybody saying differently is crazy!)

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This post may be a bit unfairly named, as we drove almost 300km that day through gorgeous landscapes and beautiful views. Nevertheless the thing that really stood out and had an incredible wow-factor was  the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón.

The evening before, as so many other evenings before, we had been discussing which route to take, which would be the most scenic one and which the quickest and what would be a good compromise between quick and scenic. (Really the question was usually more of a “how long can we drive before it gets dark”). In this case, it was “How long can we drive if we want to make the last, according to the internet,  ship tour showing of Jökulsárlón”. As some of you that have been around for a while may already know, the internet lies.  We would learn that too.  In this case the internet told us that the last tour would be at half past 4, so we were incredibly eager to get there in time. Or at least my sister was. My mum and I were “just” very eager. Continue reading

The Jökulsárgljúfur national park

To answer one of the most obvious question first: No I don’t know how to pronounce this correctly.  I do however have the answer to a different question: What is the meaning of  Jökulsárgljúfur? Jökulsárgljúfur means glacier river canyon, which aptly describes what we would be seeing this day. We would be following the Jökulsá á Fjöllum, a river coming from the Vatnajökull, the biggest glacier in Iceland and Europe, through its canyon and see the impressive stone formations, the incredible waterfalls and the colourful countryside surrounding it.
Today the Jökulsárgljúfur national park is part of the bigger Vatnajökull national park.  A national park that took us 3 days to surround, due to its sheer size. But I digress.

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Driving around Myvatn

Myvatn… Where to start? The Myvatn area is amazing. Possibly one of the most diverse areas in Iceland and catering to almost anybody’s desires. Myvatn itself is first and foremost a lake and while it is a beautiful and rather big lake, it just falls a bit short when compared to the other geological landmarks in the area.

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Going to Akureyri

After our first all Icelandic breakfast, prepared by the lovely elderly owner of the place that went to a lot of trouble to make pan cakes, bread and cake for us and probably got up 4h before us, just to get everything ready, we set out on route 1 heading farther north, but mostly east. Continue reading

Arriving in Iceland

This is a post about my  trip to Iceland. A little late. But better late than never. This was a trip I had highly anticipated! Which is probably also why I’ve had such a hard time summarizing my experience on paper. Our summer trip was going to be a road trip around Iceland. Very excited and with lots of anticipations we started our flight to Reykjavik. Would our expectations prove too high for reality? Would Iceland be as incredible as everybody had made it out to be? Or was my imagination creating a monster nothing could live up to. Continue reading